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Effektiviserar och värdesäkrar riskhanteringen

Increase your benefits with Basic Grey

Basic grey is a tool system built on ISO standards and international rules and laws. The system contains a large number of standardized tools for environment, health, safety, quality and management (EHSQ and Process Management), all of this is customised based on the clients’ specific needs. It is fully compatible and can easily be integrated with other systems. It also guarantees a coordinated deviations management, traceability and measurability (KPI’s) in real time. All of this in a single sustainable Enterprise Risk Management system (ERM).


Working in Basic Grey becomes an essential part of business development and corporate branding. Basic Grey contributes to orderliness as well as improvements in all areas, which will have a positive effect on a sustainable business. Basic Grey is a guide and a support for activities which aim to meet ISO 26000.


To comply with laws and regulations is obvious but equally important is understood to generate business value. As the demand for Compliance & CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) constantly increases, so does the need for a holistic risk management that is measurable and provides a correct picture of the business in real time. To accommodate this people need, both in decision-making as well as in operational positions, to have an effective aid system. Since this encompasses multiple areas of expertise as well as thousands of laws and regulations, it must be effective both in installation, use and regular maintenance. Basic Grey meets these requirements – regardless of industry.


As a client, you become a Basic Grey-partner partner and are involved in the further development of the system. Whether one is working with Basic Grey as support in their business, carrying out assignments in the system or integrating it with others, you can be sure that it can always be adapted to current needs. To measure the benefits is easy. All defined consequence variables that are of interest will be the basis for selected KPI's (Key Performance Indicators).

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