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Effektiviserar och värdesäkrar riskhanteringen


Choosing Basic Grey Enterprise Edition does not constitute an investment cost that burdens company cash flow. Our financing solution means that you pay for Basic Grey only when it contributes to a significant profit development.

Control over business risks

What is referred to as risk management aims to identify and eliminate, or minimise risks. You want to insure against adverse events that may involve property damage or human suffering. It is therefore necessary to take precaution and consider all scenarios, so as to minimise as much as possible the risk of injury and in the process gain control over risks to the business.

Effective Safety

Requirements for safety are governed by the provisions of the legislation and regulations, and it can be hard to know if you meet them. Basic Grey is a cost-effective support to maintain a certain level of security. Basic Grey is holistic throughout the HSEQ area and captures the impact of variables that are directly measurable in profitability.

Rapid deployment and low cost

Basic Grey has a portfolio of fifty RM-tools that are built following directives, regulations, laws, rules and best practices. This means that most of the time using the installation is spent on adapting the tools for specific customer requirements. New features are added to the tools when needed which allows for the company to always be up to date.


Whether it is a fully operational system or an installation of a selection of RM-tools, the financing offer is built on one and the same quality manual with an implemented schedule. A price is first applied when in use. If the agreement partly or completely covers all HSEQ areas and these parts are implemented at different times the cost is applied according to the implementation of each area. The introduction to the system can be disseminated and adapted so that it happens in accordance with other operations. This also means that one can measure refund against the cost of operation during the implementation period.

The Funding formula is simple and based on visible gain. Efficiency gains plus quality gains minus expense = Operation Payback.

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