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Brunicons competences provides a better risk management


Brunicon’s consultants have state-of-the-art knowledge in risk management and well-developed networks within the research world. We continuously build this knowledge into our risk management system Basic Grey, as well as providing it through consultancy services, training and project management within various areas.

During projects we lead from initial inquiry through to inspection, commissioning and decommissioning, with full documented quality assurance.

In the case of projects and procurements, we assist with inquiry specifications, technical specifications, evaluations and contracts, even in the context of procurements under the law of contracts.

Consultancy areas

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Plant safety
  • Environmental issues
  • Quality issues

For Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), we work with structuring and, in some cases, complementing existing information to achieve an operational management system that complies with EU-directive 89/391 and AFS 2001:1, as well as fulfilling the OHSAS 18001. We build routines for OHS inspections, follow-ups of measures taken, incident reports, risk assessments, list of chemicals, etc.

Within the field of plant safety we work with explosion and fire protection according to the ATEX-directive, SEVESO and law on the prevention of accidents. Furthermore, our consultants have great experience in CE verification, pressure equipment and maintenance amongst other things.

In the environmental field, we carry out surveys and create management systems based on significant environmental aspects. We also offer help with concrete actions to fulfil the demands of ISO 14001 and EMAS. We can even offer help with investigations and risk assessments.

Within quality assurance, we work with both processes quality as well as production quality. We create efficient methods for dynamic measurement of quality objectives. Furthermore, we design management systems that fulfil established industrial standards as well as specific company standards, for example ISO 9001.

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