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Brunicon - Consultants within Industrial Risk Management

We are consultants within industrial risk management and safety. With our services we help more and more companies improve their risk and safety measures, avoiding unexpected costs and freeing up resources within the business.

We always perform tasks in our own customisable risk management system Basic Grey. We work as a team together with our clients creating a work environment based on trust and transparency.


We have many years of experience in risk management and solid technical skills within different companies and in many different areas. Due to this background we have successfully implemented many safety enhancement measures together with our clients.

High Quality

As our client you are guaranteed experts with a deep understanding and up to date knowledge on current research and legislation. When important issues are involved, we always maintain a high standard and quality to our work.

The result of our work should never be limited to a consultants' report which is set in a binder, later to be forgotten. We strive to bestow as large a part of our knowledge as possible and ensure the value of our work with our customers. We do this by always working in Basic Grey Enterprise Edition.

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